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I have been printing since 2014, and currently have four functioning 3D printers:  Flashforge Creator Pro, QidiTech I, daVinci Pro 1.0, and a custom-made delta.  A fifth printer, which was my first and is retired, is a 3D Systems Cube 3 printer.  I will try to print anything - you never know until you try!  I strive for perfect prints, so if the first one doesn't meet my expectations, I will print it again until it is right.  I run every print through a simulator to look for possible printing issues and let you know as soon as possible.

 I have many colors and materials in stock, and if I don't have the color or material you want, I will get it and print your project. If you are unsure of the best filament to use, I can help you with that.  

If you've never had anything 3D printed before but have ideas or files that you've downloaded, send them my way. I would love to print your objects!


  • FDM Printing


  • ABS
  • PLA
  • Flexible Plastics
  • Nylon


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