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PlastiPrint 3D offers high quality 3D print services tailored for the North East of Scotland and beyond.  Whether you are involved in Oil and Gas, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics or Product Design.  Our 3D printing service caters to a multitude of applications from training aids to prototypes to fully-scaled working models. We can provide the custom 3D printed model you need.

PlastiPrint 3D is proud to be based in Aberdeen City and Shire.

Unlike some other 3D print companies, we carry out all of our 3D printing in house.  This means that we will never forward on your CAD models to a third party.  We know if our 3D printers will be able to 3D print your model because we own, service and operate them ourselves!


  • FDM Printing
  • SLA Printing
  • 3D Design


  • Fiber-Filled Plastics
  • PLA
  • Nylon
  • SLA Resins
  • PLA Exotic (Metal, Glow)


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