Two Free Spools of 3D Printing Filaments for e-NABLE Service Providers Here

In addition to benefits as registered users and Fab owners, if you also provide e-NABLE service to public, your e-NABLE service material is on us.  We ship two free spools of eSUN PLA+ to e-NABLE service providers in USA.  

Here is how you participate:

1. Register and list your Fab.  It is all free.  You can specially mention in Fab description that you offer free e-NABLE service to those who need.   Here is an example:

InfiniteMonkeysMakers Fab

2. In your Fab profile page, your e-NABLE clients can click "Contact this Fab", which will automatically create a transaction record beween your account and client account.

The transaction record will appear in your and your client's account:

3. Email to for the free 3D printing materials you need to finish the e-NABLE service request.  You can pick any colors/diameters.  Subject to availablity from vendor INTSERVO.  Must be verified by e-NABLE organization that you are a real volunteer.   We will email your contact to e-NABLE team to verify.  

4. Not only the materials free, we also ship to you free.  The cost is on us.  We understand e-NABLE is a volunteer service and this is the way we can help.

5. Participants will be recommended to share the print pictures in forum and/or his/her Fab profile, as a proof of the actual volunteer work.

**This offer is for USA service providers and free 3D printing materials is offered by our partner INTSERVO  **

**We will try to find ways to support other countries too.  Likely Europe and China next.**

**We intend to offer this for as long as possible.  However we reserve the right to change the offer terms and the offer itself.**