esun epa-cf ])

jimcjames caruso
  • 19 Dec '16
finally a nylon that is easy to print. i gave up on nylon a few years ago because it was just too much a pia to print with. this carbon fiber nylong is totally different. still fairly flexible but sticks to the bed no problem and warp stays under control. its about the same or slightly less than abs. i guess the carbon keeps the warping in check. sticks no problem to my mic6 bed with hairspray. still has great layer bonding which i was worried about due to the cf. other carbon filaments i have used tend to be brittle and dont layer bond quite as well as their non cf counterparts. while moisture is always an issue with nylon, it does seems to be a little less of an issue with the cf version. overall i am very impressed with this stuff. nice engineering grade, semi flexible filament.