Fixing dryer knob with latest iSUN3D low temperature 3D pen LTP 4.0

williamWilliam Intservo
  • 14 Aug '17

So I literally only drew random stuff with the pen so far.  We had a broken knob on our dryer for long time.  So I initially thought I need to scan or design a replacement part for it.  But today I thought maybe just do a quick and dirty fix with our low temperature 3D pen.  

Things needed:

1. iSUN3D Low Temperature 3D Pen

2. A tweezer or any hard tool

3. A container to hold a bit water -- this is to keep tweezer tip wet











The broken knob:











Steps to fix it:

1. clean up the knob and remove any debries and broken pieces.

2. put the broken part back to its original position.

3. heat up the pen and apply a bit to the inner part of the crevices so that the broken part can stay in its position.

4. apply a bit to the outside of the cracks.

5. fill up the space to make it stronger and also fill up the space to have its original D shape.  The good thing is that the low temperature filaments takes more time to cool off, I use the wet tweezer to reshape it to somewhat closer to what the original D shape looks like.

6. done. It literally took me 5 minutes to get it done.  I could have done it in better shape if I want.  But oh well it is just something invisible.  Why need to make it pretty?  It works like a charm!


The result:

The final result:


Well, the T shape is just some "creative mark" :)

We have regular 3D pens too but the low temperature 3D pen's material can be reshaped easily.  Worst case if you don't like the fix, you can still submerge the knob to hot water and reshape the "glue".  The low temperature material is also very sticky, making it a very good material to glue things together.


Just my 5 minutes work :)

You can see the reviews of the pen on Amazon:

A great review done by





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  • 7 Jul '18

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