PEEK sample is here free. Who can take the challenge to print it?

cs_xyzfabsCustomer Service
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  • 7 Sep '17

So I got a spool of PEEK.  This stuff is expensive.  I would like to cut it into samples for people who can print it and can share feedback.

It is totally free.  I understand very few people can print this material.  So I appreciate if you can share this post to your social media so that someone else who are able to print can contact us.

If you are interested in testing it out.  Please email directly to for the sample.

Printing Parameters:

Printing Temp: 380 to 400 Celsius

Bed Temp: 140 to 160 Celsius

Closed Printing Area Temp: 90 Celsius

Printing Speed: 20-50mm/s

Layer Height: 0.1 - 0.2mm

Prefer to dry it out before each printing.  And print in a dry environment.


PEEK filament

adminAdmin Admin
  • 11 Apr '18

It can go on sale if there are any reasonable number of users :).   I still have a full sealed spool.

adminAdmin Admin
  • 13 Aug '18

Really no idea.  How about lowest price you can find online from any suppliers?  We match it.