Free Printing

Free first printing order

By ordering printing service from service providers (Fabs) on , your first printing order is free!  See details below.

After signup here, which is completely free, you can contact any Fabs listed here for your printing needs.   Your first printing order to any of listed Fabs here is free, up to US$ 40 value, which is about 8 hours free printing and material for you!  Shipping excluded.

How to claim the free printing discount

As user:

Search and find your desired Fab to service your 3D printing needs.  You can use below link to search Fabs:

After you find a desired Fab, use "Contact this Fab" button on Fab page to contact Fab owner for quotes and work details.

When you contact Fabs on and work out final quote/contract, ask Fab to make sure the Fab honors the $40 free credit towards your first order.  

If you prefer us to find a Fab for you, you may use the instant quote tool ( to get a quote from xyzfabs team.  xyzfabs team will then assign a Fab to service your printing needs and will honor the $40 credit too.

As fab:

Fabs can contact to find out how to get reimbursed for the $40 credit.  In brief words, Fabs need to have a completed transaction record/review and an invoice.  The $40 credit will be reimbursed with your next filament order with our partner, BOTH your filament discount coupons AND the credits are fully honored.  If you don't want to participate in the offer, you can just answer so for any inquiries to your Fab.

**The $40 credit is applicable towards 3D printing time and materials.  Is not applicable to shipping cost. Credit covers 3D printing time and material charges or $40, whichever is less.  Offer valid in USA immediately.  We reserve the right to change the offer's terms or the offer itself**