Signup on (free), get 25% off eSUN filament

By simply signup on (which is totally free), you automatically get 25% off eSUN filaments coupon in USA.  Right now this promotion is only available for USA users and discount codes are honored by eSUN distributor  We will add Europe and other countries later.

XYZFABS.COM is a free website designed to help 3d printing and related services globally.  It is like a free Angie's List for 3D service providers.  Unlike other similar sites, this site does not cut a piece off orders received by service providers.  It is completely free.  No middleman charges.  So service providers can offer better prices to customers.

We will regularly run promotions for new and also to existing users.  Right now you will get one 25% off code EVERY MONTH.

Register your Fab (free), get 30% off eSUN filament

After signup, you can also register your Fab.  If you list your service on 3dhubs, makerxyz or the like, it is natural for you to list on  It is totally free.  XYZFABS does not charge commissions on your orders.  So you can provide better pricing to your clients.   After you create your account here, you can send an email to to enable your Fab listing privilege so that you can finish editing your Fab profile and get listed.  We will assign a 30% code to you.  Fabs will always receive at least 25% off code every month.  So you will have a continuous supply of high quality materials at a discounted price.

Here is an example of Fab listing: Greg_FL Fab

**Offer valid in USA immediately.  We reserve the right to change the offer's terms or the offer itself**